Guarisce dall'anoressia e mostra
il suo percorso su Instagram: "Volevo morire"

Guarisce dall'anoressia e mostra il suo percorso su Instagram: "Volevo morire"
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Mercoledì 25 Gennaio 2017, 16:28 - Ultimo aggiornamento: 17:18
Riuscire a sconfiggere l'anoressia è possibile e a raccontarlo è proprio chi ci è riuscito. Connie Inglis è una ragazza di Leeds che lo scorso anno ha iniziato ad avere dei disturbi alimentari divenuti sempre più gravi fino a renderla anche mentalmente fragile: «Ero così malata che avevo rinunciato a tutto. Volevo morire», così ha raccontato Connie che ha deciso di mostrare gli effetti della malattia e la sua rinascita attraverso il profilo Instagram.


January 23rd 2016- January 23rd 2017 💙 💙 Firstly I want to say this is not a look how skinny I was or look how well I've done post. This is to hopefully show you that no matter how lost you are in your own head, it is possible to escape! It is possible to find happiness again!!! 💙 💙 Secondly you do not have to be this shape, size colour or gender for your struggles to matter! You are always deserving of help if you are struggling!!! 💙 💙 It's a year ago today since I was sectioned under the mental health act. I was so ill I was doing everything I could think of to not take in ANYTHING. I had given up. My eating disorder had taken over and I wanted to die. So I was sectioned and forced to get better. I was put on an ng tube. I was forced to watch as the scale went up every week and I could do nothing about it. (Not that I didn't try) I hated everyone who put me through that! I was on drugs that put me out so I wouldn't hurt myself or anyone else. This time last year I was a mess. 💙 But the people I loved stayed by me. My best friends and my boyfriend came to see me all the time and my parents where there every day. They where there to remind me to try. So I did. Eventually I asked my boyfriend if it was ok if I ate, he told me I should. For the first time in my life I realised that I loved these people more than my ed. so I fought, I fought like hell!!! 💙 💙 I'm not telling you this for sympathy or to diminish anyone's struggles, (everyone's struggle is valid!!! No matter how long it takes!!) I was in this for 10 years before I got out. But I want you to know that it is possible!!!!! No not all my problems have gone away. Yes I still have the thoughts. But I am strong enough now to resist! Keep going! You can get through this hell and I will be with you every step of the way!!! We can do this together!!!! 💙💛💜 (I don't want to answer any questions about weight) #positivebeatsperfect

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Connie si nascondeva in vestiti larghi, non parlava a nessuno del suo problema, liquidava chiunque le chiedesse informazioni sulla sua condizione che non si sentiva bene, ma il malessere era tale che è stata ricoverata ben tre volte in ospedale a causa dei gravi segni della denutrizione. Per mesi la famiglia e il fidanzato le sono stati vicini, fino a quando la ragazza non ha deciso di entrare in una comunità per farsi aiutare: «Erano lì per ricordarmi di provarci e così ho fatto. Per la prima volta, mi sono resa di amare queste persone alla follia», racconta alla stampa.


Nella clinica ha incontrato medici e persone che hanno saputo guarirla e oggi ha deciso di raccontare il suo calvario sui social. Ha voluto mostrare il suo corpo prima e dopo la malattia, sotenendo che non è qualche chilo in meno che rende felici. Oggi accetta il suo corpo nelle sue imperfezioni e difetti e invita tutte le ragazze a farlo, a non darla vinta alla malattia. 


👏🏻BELLY LOVE👏🏻 Starting this year exactly as I mean to go on. Embracing the food baby brought to you by too much wine and so much food! While lying in bed 😂 There are a lot of people out there today feeling guilty. Maybe you feel like you've eaten too much. Maybe you feel like you drank too much last night. Maybe you've seen multiple posts about new year diets and how much people accomplished in 2016. Maybe you feel like you've been to lazy over the holidays with no time to work out. I promise it ok to feel like this, nobody's perfect and I still get a lot of these thoughts, especially over the last few weeks! But you need to know that you are worthy without condition! It really doesn't master how much you ate, how much you did or didn't do last year! You survived 2016!! It was a hell of a year with so much to deal with but we all got through it, so much stronger and wiser than before. So what if you ate too much? So what if your bloated? You are so much more than your outward appearance! Did you have fun? Wasn't that food great? Then it was definitely worth it!! You are incredible. Always worthy. And beautiful! Don't let those horrible thoughts or self improvement adds, telling you your not good enough convince you that you aren't beautiful or worthy just the way you are! Happy new year beautiful people! Here's to a year of bopo and self love!! ♥️♥️♥️ #positivebeatsperfect

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