L'ex distribuisce foto hot della sposa agli invitati: il matrimonio finisce in maxi rissa

Venerdì 23 Dicembre 2016
Shocking footage shows a fight at a wedding #LiveLeak Location : Wakefield, England Date : Dec 23, 2016 Shocking video shows huge brawl erupting at a wedding reception after 'the bride's ex-boyfriend put pictures of her performing a sex act on the tables' Shocking footage shows a fight at a wedding that purportedly erupted after the bride's ex put incriminating photos of her on tables at the reception. A series of videos from the party, believed to have been held in Wakefield, England, shows a violent scuffle in the middle of the venue. Guests are seen throwing punches and hurling chairs at one another over the tables as the fight spirals out of control. Wedding Fights Compilation || Wedding Fails || Wedding Fights Ultimo aggiornamento: 15:58 © RIPRODUZIONE RISERVATA